Tuesday, 23 June 2009

hurry up time!

Wednesday - 9dpo. >.<

I'm supposed to be writing kids text books. Actually I missed my deadline and have been avoiding my boss (don't tell her!). I've also got a school course that's ending in the next few weeks and I'm very behind in my work... and yet, am I able to focus and work????

Nope. Barely even a little.

Working from home is great... except when you're obsessive like me and work on your laptop, where you can bounce from work to facebook, to google, babycenter.com, mayoclinic.com, etc.... and research every symptom every woman in the whole world who has ever been pregnant has felt!

Whew. It's exhausting.

Bought tests yesterday. Want to test. Know it's ridiculous. Afraid of results. I'm an idoit.... woke in the night wondering if I should pee on a stick... seriously.

Started listening to the peasant princess series by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church.... I'm pretty psyched for them. You should listen to them. Or pretty much any of his sermons... I've been putting them on when I shower and dress each morning. I know Ryan listens to them on his commute to work...

Seriously, go to your itunes podcasts now and get them!

Luckily I can get my mind off of every twinge I feel in my uterus long enough to listen... now if only I could work...

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