Thursday, 9 September 2010

because sometimes you really need a moment...

I'm not a fan of allowing babies or even kids to watch TV, but we all need a moment to use the toilet or eat our lunch... so here are some of my fav. distracting videos that keep PH occupied.

#1) Yo Gabba Gabba's Party in My Tummy ~ totally addictive! You'll find yourself singing this around the house. Also PH's favourite!

#2) Wee Hands' Alphabet Song ~ I LOVE this song, and the video is colourful and not too fast, and cam help you learn your sign language alphabet! At 2.5mins, it's good for sneaking a quick potty break when your little one is fussy or experiencing separation anxiety.

#3) More Milk Please! Quick but catchy ~ this one helps you and baby learn the signs for the three words!

And finally, at 10 mins, this one is slow and not ADD-inducing, which is better for when you need more than a minute or two to eat lunch...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Making Baby Jook!

So I decided that my little Pumpkin Head had tested enough store bought baby foods that it was really time for me to make my own. I'd intended to do it from the start, but things are always a little daunting at first. Plus, it's time to make a conscious effort to save money, and provide a healthy start for my little PH!

So yesterday I decided to make some home made Jook (juk/ Korean rice porridge) from what I had around the house. Rice, chemical free carrots, broccoli and squash.

So I began by making up a pot of rice. I then took some of the rice and put it into a pot with extra water to make it softer.

I peeled and chopped chemical-free carrots with my food processor. I then added the chopped bits of carrot to the rice and water. I did the same with broccoli and squash.

Next I added the veggies with rice and water mixture to heat and soften.

I left the mixture to cool, then pureed it adding water until it was a good consistency.

Finally I put the food into sterilized baby-food jars, sealed them, marked them with the date and froze them.

Finally I gave some to PH to try... gotta love his reactions to new things! >.<

the Pumpkin Head in a few years!??!

so I did this picture morphing thing, with two poor pics... and this is what came up...

creepy, eh???

nourishment isn't just for the body

(Koh Samui, Thailand, 2007)

I read all the twilight books. There. I said it. I read them, and what's worse, I liked them!

I like a little "cheese" now and then. I often find myself defending the latest movie, book or TV episode by saying that it's just a bit of junk-food for the mind. No harm, right?

Until I end up feeling empty. My attitude changes. I start to crave the escape, and dread whats real. I can't be the only one who feels this way.

I feel like our culture today has an emotional and spiritual equivalent of the obesity epidemic. We're cramming crap into our bodies and minds then wondering why we're afflicted with so many physical and mental ills.

Diabetes, heart disease, low endurance, high cholesterol, malnutrition, cancers, attention disorders... mental illness, depression, loneliness, unfaithfulness, divorce, suicides, etc...

What we put in directly affects us. We know this. Yet why is it so easy for me to sit back and watch an episode of Gossip Girl and eat nutella off a spoon (um, not that I've done that before...>.<)??

I feel at times what Peter must have felt at Gethsemane. I hear Jesus calling me to sit with him a little while, but like he says in Matthew 26: 41, "The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

The good news is that God is not only forgiving, but He also sustaining. He gives strength to the weary and exhausted, increases the power and endurance of the weak (Isaiah 40:28~31). He gives peace and rest to those who go to him when they are tired and burnt out (Matthew 11:28, Hebrews 4:3, John 14:27).

A little junk food is fine now and then, we know that the key with food is moderation ~ and that's the same with our spiritual lives as well. If we're only taking in the junk that our culture has to offer, it will never be enough to fulfill us, we will always feel something is lacking.

Jesus warned us that the world would give us trouble, but he also reminds us that he has overcome the world to give us the peace and fulfillment that our souls crave. My challenge is to remember to draw near to him when I feel burnt out, and leave the Grey's Anatomy reruns for another day...

Jesus said in John 16:33, "I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world."

Thursday, 2 September 2010

6 months of pumpkin-headed goodness!

Our little PH at 6 months is nearly 9 kilos (nearly 20lbs) and about 70cm (maybe 28inches?). He can sit for a little while before getting distracted, and loves to stand with little help. He's started to pull himself up to sit and stand, and can't stay still! He rolls around constantly and "worms" his way across the floor to get things. He tries to crawl, but can't stay up on his hands and knees yet. >.<

He loves his reflection and always wants to play! He laughs hysterically at daddy (who wouldn't?!? :p~) and is incredibly ticklish! He loves when mommy and daddy sing songs and read books, and he loves to sing or talk along. He can be VERY chatty, and can often be found telling Cooper the dog long stories!

He moves quickly across the floor already and, as his first 2 teeth are coming in, he's always looking for something to chew on! Be it toys, furniture, feet or even the dog! He also loves to eat ~ everything! He often cries when the food is gone ~ but at least is quickly distracted. ^.^ He eats two meals a day now, and the odd rice cracker (which he often shares with the dog!).

He's become besties with Cooper the dog, and watches him intently. When the dog comes into the room he smiles and laughs. He follows him and tries to attack him with petting, and licks! He even likes to share his food... and Cooper has learned that food is often on the floor around PH and tries to lick stuff off his hands and face.

Gosh... time is going by SO quickly!