Friday, 16 September 2011

where'd the quiet go??

I remember when PH was first born, the house was too quiet. I wanted music on, I watched movies in my free time, I called up friends to talk... something to fill in the quiet I wasn't used to.

These days the little boys wakes up talking, talks all day, and talks until he falls asleep. Rarely is there quiet in my day with him. And suddenly I miss quiet, like it was something I was well acquainted with at some point...

I read an article that said that kids around 18 months pick up a new word every hour or two, and it is so true! Things we say once get repeated again and again as he tries to master communicating his thoughts and needs. His favorite things these days? Talking on the phone, real or imaginary... Thank God for Skype, right?? He demands to talk to his Babcza daily!

This past week he began to use two more names of extended "family," and loves to stand at the fridge and point at the picture of his "auntie." He also talks himself through tasks, like putting on his boots.

"Boots. Feet. uh oh! Stuck!! Push. Push. Push! OK. Go. Walk. MOMMMM!"

He can also unlock the doors now, which means when I say it's not time for a walk he can try to go by himself. >.< These days I'm thankful for a gate around our house!

All in all, he's perfectly on schedule, talking up a storm and giving me stress.