Monday, 6 September 2010

Making Baby Jook!

So I decided that my little Pumpkin Head had tested enough store bought baby foods that it was really time for me to make my own. I'd intended to do it from the start, but things are always a little daunting at first. Plus, it's time to make a conscious effort to save money, and provide a healthy start for my little PH!

So yesterday I decided to make some home made Jook (juk/ Korean rice porridge) from what I had around the house. Rice, chemical free carrots, broccoli and squash.

So I began by making up a pot of rice. I then took some of the rice and put it into a pot with extra water to make it softer.

I peeled and chopped chemical-free carrots with my food processor. I then added the chopped bits of carrot to the rice and water. I did the same with broccoli and squash.

Next I added the veggies with rice and water mixture to heat and soften.

I left the mixture to cool, then pureed it adding water until it was a good consistency.

Finally I put the food into sterilized baby-food jars, sealed them, marked them with the date and froze them.

Finally I gave some to PH to try... gotta love his reactions to new things! >.<

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