Thursday, 9 September 2010

because sometimes you really need a moment...

I'm not a fan of allowing babies or even kids to watch TV, but we all need a moment to use the toilet or eat our lunch... so here are some of my fav. distracting videos that keep PH occupied.

#1) Yo Gabba Gabba's Party in My Tummy ~ totally addictive! You'll find yourself singing this around the house. Also PH's favourite!

#2) Wee Hands' Alphabet Song ~ I LOVE this song, and the video is colourful and not too fast, and cam help you learn your sign language alphabet! At 2.5mins, it's good for sneaking a quick potty break when your little one is fussy or experiencing separation anxiety.

#3) More Milk Please! Quick but catchy ~ this one helps you and baby learn the signs for the three words!

And finally, at 10 mins, this one is slow and not ADD-inducing, which is better for when you need more than a minute or two to eat lunch...

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