Thursday, 2 September 2010

6 months of pumpkin-headed goodness!

Our little PH at 6 months is nearly 9 kilos (nearly 20lbs) and about 70cm (maybe 28inches?). He can sit for a little while before getting distracted, and loves to stand with little help. He's started to pull himself up to sit and stand, and can't stay still! He rolls around constantly and "worms" his way across the floor to get things. He tries to crawl, but can't stay up on his hands and knees yet. >.<

He loves his reflection and always wants to play! He laughs hysterically at daddy (who wouldn't?!? :p~) and is incredibly ticklish! He loves when mommy and daddy sing songs and read books, and he loves to sing or talk along. He can be VERY chatty, and can often be found telling Cooper the dog long stories!

He moves quickly across the floor already and, as his first 2 teeth are coming in, he's always looking for something to chew on! Be it toys, furniture, feet or even the dog! He also loves to eat ~ everything! He often cries when the food is gone ~ but at least is quickly distracted. ^.^ He eats two meals a day now, and the odd rice cracker (which he often shares with the dog!).

He's become besties with Cooper the dog, and watches him intently. When the dog comes into the room he smiles and laughs. He follows him and tries to attack him with petting, and licks! He even likes to share his food... and Cooper has learned that food is often on the floor around PH and tries to lick stuff off his hands and face.

Gosh... time is going by SO quickly!

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  1. Love the pic of little man with his friends :)