Thursday, 26 August 2010

cloth diapering and holding pee...

OK, so I had started cloth diapering at home...

but with only 2 covers and 10 inserts it hasn't been as consistent as I'd hoped. In addition, the weather has been so poor, that I can't dry anything outside, meaning that the covers take a day to dry... boo! So I've been CDing at night, and some of the day, but not as much as I'd hoped.

All the reading I've done has not helped me as much as I'd hoped, and so I've asked a friend who is coming to Korea from the States to bring me a variety of the diaper covers out there. I've ordered I think four different kinds to try, then I'll better be able to make a decision.

I have decided that the diaper I have that fits him best, I actually don't like! >.< the inside is absorbent bamboo, not the fabric that repels water and can be wiped up. Which means that after a big pee it can't be used again.

Now how does the Pumpkin Head like it? Well, he seems unbothered by the bulk and added time of mummy and daddy trying to figure this out. However, he does NOT like the wet feeling and has started holding his pee for a fresh diaper. >.<

This is the same kid who hasn't peed at night since about two and a half months old, because he didn't even like a wet disposable. He also holds his pee quite often when we go out, and as soon as we get home will have a VERY wet diaper.

Is this something to be concerned about? Is it anxiety? Or does he just not want to sit in a wet diaper? Will he cause some sort of damage or give himself a bladder infection? Or will he be easier to toilet train???

As always, the questions are endless.

I do know that I'm looking forward to my new diaper covers so I can test them out myself ~ then I'll know of which ones I want more.

Plus, shopping is fun!

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