Thursday, 19 August 2010

my parenting and diapering dilemmas...

So I've finally bought my first cloth diapers. I got a small pack from a baby faire here in Seoul... so I've not totally converted, I'm just giving it a try... though it is something I was hoping to do from the start and totally support the idea.

The problem in Korea is little information, little resources, and, well, everything is in Korean!!

I've been trying to surf sites to find out what I can, but I haven't had much luck in finding a site that I like. It seems so many people have their own opinions, but, call me a snob, it makes me feel like they're unreliable when there are so many spelling, grammar or factual errors on a website! (Ok, that's a rant for another day...)

In the mean time I'm full of questions like:

how do I wash them?
I only use cold water, will that clean them well enough?
do they need to be soaked before washing, or will that break down the fabric?
will rinsing them well before wash be enough?
how many do you REALLY need?

On top of that, I have a million other parenting dilemmas at the moment.

High on the list is that my dear little Pumpkin Head ~ though such a sweet and happy baby to all he meets ~ is a closet high needs baby! I mean, he's great during the day, and outwardly has no stranger anxiety or separation issues ~ until bedtime. He only wants to co-sleep and still wants to nurse to sleep (and often a few times over night). Even if I get up to go for a moment, and he wakes and sees his daddy, he'll cry!

Lower on the list, but still on my mind is toilet training. You'll think I'm nuts thinking about it already ~ but gosh! it seems like such a looming and daunting task! And switching to cloth diapers makes me wonder just how soon it can be done. The truth is that I can tell when PH is about to poop. He gets gassy and grunts before his poops ~ and I think there's enough time to put him on a potty. Is it worth trying early for poops??? He already holds his pee all night and pees a few minutes after waking ~ again, time to move to a potty?

The answers never get easier, I know...

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