Monday, 22 June 2009


Monday, June 22nd... 7DPO (days past ovulation)

The past week went by quickly enough... but it feels like next Monday will never arrive!

God made many interesting things that I'll never understand, but why pregnancy symptoms and PMS pains are the same baffles me!! :p Plus, the drugs I've been taking have only intensified things.

I'm hoping this month works... and I'm a little fearful it won't. Ry said there's nothing to be afraid of... but I think that cons are beginning to outweigh the pros at this point. It could just be my pessimism talking... but it's hard to go through this each month.

Last night I had dinner with a friend, G, who is pregnant with a little boy... before she got preggers, we used to chat and connect all the time about the 2ww and testing day, etc... Last night I mentioned 7 days down, 7 more to go before we know and she commented, "oh, you're still doing that, are you?" Ouch... I know she meant no harm, but these days everything zings me.

Generally I feel unwell. My body is exhausted, and though I normally take hours to wind down and fall asleep, Ryan is ecstatic that I've been asleep before I hit the pillow 3 nights in a row! I woke up today feeling great! but I've also had terrible headaches for a couple of days... just killer! And to top it off, somehow I managed to pull my neck, which just makes everything feel worse... I know it's unrelated, but its a bummer. Other than that, got some belly twinges and such, bouncing back and forth from nausea to hunger! But I know it's WAY too early for that...

so... Pregnancy? PMS? or just the meds????? >.<

I need to stop worrying about this and give it all up to God. Cause I'll go mad analyzing the details.

I'm thankful that God has really given Ryan and I extra patience these days...and awesome friends. A great apartment. THE cutest doggie EVER! good jobs, etc... we have been very blessed. And I have no reason to not be joyful each day... so all praises to God!

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