Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gestational Diabetes >.<

So after 33 weeks of pregnancy, I've just discovered that my doctor thinks I have Gestational Diabetes.

The baby has been measuring big for a while now, but nothing overly concerning. He's had a big head ~ but so does his dad, and that was something we were expecting from the beginning. (Really, when Ryan was 9 and went to Disneyland he had to buy an adult hat!)

My first test was the GD screening, and I didn't know what to expect so I'd eaten and had a full cup of hot chocolate before the test... needless to say, the glucose levels came back higher than they expected. The second test I had my fasting glucose levels taken, then had a regular meal and went back for more blood work ~ this was normal despite all the bread and potatoes at lunch (YUM! Greek food!). My third test was the 4 hour glucose test. Using the glucometer, two of my scores were normal-high and two were high. Finally the doctor said the lab work from the same day looked high (I never saw the numbers) so she recommended I be classified as "high risk."

My first reaction is that I'm ticked ~ with the doctor, with her info, with myself... I've done a good job at eating healthy food (as much as you can over the holidays), and up until the past month remained fairly active (this month has been so cold and snowy, I've been bored of things to do in my little apartment). I even weigh less than I did BEFORE pregnancy!!

The problem is this: frequency of meals is just as important as what you eat.

It seems simple, but battling nausea over and over again over the past 8 months I've become lazy at eating. I was a meal skipper before pregnancy, and though I hate to admit it I'm a meal skipper now if there's nothing I want to eat. I found the more I forced, the more I was ill. Now I find out I should be eating every few hours, and I'm working hard to fix that ~ I really am! What stinks is that I just don't have an appetite...

Ok, Ok, enough complaining. What's next??

Well, to start: eating more often. Also, carefully watching what I eat. The house is stocked already with granola, oats, and cream of wheat (all things that go down easily). We also are trying (despite the costs living in Korea) to keep a good variety of fruit and veggies here (carrots, cucumber, apples, pears, bananas, etc.) as well as my new obsession: the sweetie (a grapefruit / pomello hybrid). In addition we have tons of cheese, yogurt, milk, tofu, and fish... so I'm hoping I can get my protein in without much meat.

As for exercise, I'm waddling slowly these days because of pelvic pain and strained ligaments ~ so my walking is slow, but I'm trying to get back in the habit of walking each day (cross your fingers). I'm also trying to talk Ryan into going to the public pool ~ the only problem is kids are still on vacation... >.<>

I know this posting hasn't been the most interesting, but putting this out there saves me from repeating the same stories and also gives me some accountability...

well time for another snack...

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