Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Beginnings

Today is the hub's first day at his new job ~ YAY!!

While I'm sad to have him out of the house longer (still a short day by Korean standards) I'm really looking forward to settling into a nice, new routine. We've also just returned from a month in Canada and are trying to adjust to the time change ~ which I imagine will actually help us to start a new schedule rather than try to change an existing one.

The beginning of this contract year allows me to indulge some of my inner "crazy." I love making lists, so let me share some of what's on my mind today...

Some of my goals for this year are:
-getting on a better sleep/ wake cycle (going to bed earlier, waking earlier)
-eating healthier
-getting more exercise and getting PH outdoors to explore more

To eat healthier, I'm planning to write a dinner menu for the month, then a grocery list according to the planned menu. This will help me to prepare healthier meals because there won't be any last minute "hmmm and haas" about what to make, resulting in last minute, bad food choices. I'm also happy to be more prudent with money and not waste food. For breakfasts, we already have our routines ~ I eat cereal, hubs eats toast. Everyday. Simple, eh? And for lunch, hubs has lunch prepared at his new school's cafeteria (SO jealous!!) and I can make simple things or leftovers.

Now I've just got to prepare a menu. Having PH starting to eat what we eat is a real wake up call. I knew we didn't always have well balanced meals, but I'm a little surprised at how many things we eat that I'd never dream of giving him... I want to model healthy habits, so time to start them! But what to make?!?!?!

Off hand, here are some options:
-Roast chicken, hot chicken sandwiches, chicken soup...
-tuna casserole
-couscous with feta and tomato
-lazy beth's cabbage rolls (ground pork cooked in V8 with large chunks of cabbage, onion and carrots over rice)
-curry and rice
-spaghetti and meatballs
-vegetarian chili

I also am stealing an idea from my MIL ~ cheeseburger casserole: seasoned ground meat, mushroom soup, grated cheese and potatoes served with a veggie. She uses tater tots, so I think I'll try small "hashbrown" sized potato cubes instead.

Hmmmm, what else???? Anyone have any other ideas??


  1. Cooking healthy meals every day is a big job, but you are going about it the right way, making a plan for the month. I got started that way and now only have to plan some of it as I have a bank of recipes in my head. But I have relapses and end up void of inspiration. When this happens, I fall back on pasta and sauce. I know you listed spaghetti and meatballs, but you can also do lots of variations of meat sauces to go on pasta. I make it differently almost every time, adding whatever veggies are in my fridge. Eggplant, zucchini, swiss chard, kale, celery, peppers, asparagus, fresh parsley, spinach, mushrooms,artichokes, etc. all have ended up in my pasta sauce in different combinations. You can also vary the meat- use chicken or sausage sometimes. Sausage goes really well with swiss chard.
    Otherwise, I search for recipe ideas online and adapt them to my liking. My faves are usually from Martha Stewart Living.

  2. That's a great idea! I just found that on recipes.com you can list ingredients and see if there are recipes that can combine them. Convenient and a great way to use up what's in the fridge!! ^.~