Monday, 26 July 2010


So, I'm not great at keeping things updated, but I'm trying!! Here are some highlights of our summer so far...

Getting out and about and visiting friends!

We've had some great chances to visit with friends in Korea, here visiting, and some we haven't seen in ages! Plus some great times hanging out and exploring with our small group! The kid outgrew his first carrier, and has been loving his Moby wrap, staying close to mommy... and getting to explore while not being too far away from MILK!!! (don't mind my "hat-trying-on-face" haha!)


Though the Canadian and American Paediatric Society both recommend exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months, the kid had been showing signs he was ready for more than milk. First, he's always hungry! Also, he watches us eat and has been smacking his lips and reaching for our food while we're eating. One day he actually grabbed a chocolate from my hand as I was unwrapping it! >.< So we started him on rice cereal and since then he's also had apple sauce, sweet potato and pumpkin! Last night was his first pumpkin and HE LOVED IT!!! He's an eating machine... which brings us to highlight #2:


So, believe it or not, the kid was a bit short for his age ~ I know, hard to believe! He had actually been measuring well under the 50th percentile, in fact, since he was born he was mostly around the 20th percentile for height and 50 for weight! But he hit a HUGE growth spurt recently and is now around the 75th percentile! YAY!!! His legs are finally growing and making him look more like a little human than a big-headed cartoon character! hahaha...


We bought the Pumpkin Head a jumperoo, and once he got the hang of it he fell in love with it! At first he didn't know how to stand on his own when being held, now after using this, when we hold him he only wants to stand! "Forget laying, sitting is boring! STAND ME UP!!!"

The Drive-In Theater

So I didn't get any pics, but after weeks of grumbling that we couldn't go to the movies anymore we finally remembered there's a drive-in theater FIVE MINUTES from our house! How we let it go so long, I don't know... but we went and it was AWESOME! We saw Eclipse, and I don't care what you think, Twilight movies are like eating jellybelly and ice cream in your pajamas! Meaning they're like candy ~ light, no substance, but dang it feels good!! hahaha...

We put on our comfy clothes, popped popcorn and made lemonade and brought pillows, then cuddled up in the car and watched the movie. A slight bummer, the heat and humidity was SO BAD that we broke down a few times and turned on the car to run the AC ~ I know, terrible... but there was a diesel SUV next to us with his on the whole time, and other cars were doing the same as us... it was too hot that night. Next time we'll go on a cooler night so we can keep the windows down. (if you don't live in Korea and think we're wimps, remember Korean summers is like 1000% humidity and we do have a baby!)

OK ~ those are my highlights of the day. I'm going to sort through some photos later, so I can give a better glimpse of how the PH is growing!

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