Friday, 2 July 2010

June recap!!


so I look at my blog each day and think I should write something... then I think I can't write anything new, until I write all the cool things that already happened... but then never do that!! >.<

June was a great month for us! Liam is getting SO big and he's really changing every day! He laughs SO loudly now, and is always grabbing things and putting them in his mouth.

He's been loving spending time on his play mat, and gets very excited when he get's a toy into his mouth or jingles the frog enough to make music!

This mat was a gift from Jason & Amanda... and he uses it ALL THE TIME!! ^.^

Though he's not rolling over often, he constantly lays with his butt and legs in the air, then rolls from side to side.

May and June brought A TON of mosquitoes... One morning Liam woke up with ELEVEN (11!!!) bites ~ mostly on his head! ㅠ.ㅠ so we finally bought and put it netting over his crib. Awesome part ~ NO bites since... strange part ~ Coopz thinks he's too far from Liam and can't keep an eye on him, so he tries to bury his way under to be closer!! hahaa... one morning I woke up to Liam happily chattering away to Cooper, like usual, and Cooper under BOTH layers of netting!!

This month we also took a three hour car trip to the OEM retreat... Oak Vally Resort was gorgeous. It rained, and we didn't really do much, but we all enjoyed our time there. A highlight was hanging out with the other parents and babies!

OK... that's all I have time for at the moment... but stay tuned for more updates!!

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