Sunday, 5 July 2009

week 5...

We are truly blessed!

I've been feeling fairly fine all week... I keep saying to Ryan that I don't feel pregnant. To which he replies with this dialogue:

"Do you feel tired?"
"Have you been taking naps?"
"How many naps do you usually take?"
"Do you feel dizzy or lightheaded?"
"Have you had your period?!?!"
"You're pregnant!"

I have been feeling pretty good though. Except Saturday evening we had our married couples small group over, and I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I bent down to get something from a low shelf, lost my balance, hit my head and cut it ever so slightly (but enough that I was sore and cranky!).

Its difficult with pregnancy because so many people don't want to share info so early... but we've decided to start telling people. Mostly because we want to be extra covered in prayer ~ which we are!

After church yesterday our Pastor and several others laid hands on us and prayed for Ryan and I and the baby (babies?). We heard from several people how they had been praying for us, our marriage, and for babies... Our Pastor prayed for this baby and for babies to come... And several others have shared how they feel that this will be a successful pregnancy. I feel very blessed.

Actually, the sermon yesterday was about listening when God speaks - and responding or acting on it. And afterward, we greeted one of the worship leaders and he told us that he felt that God wanted us to go and get prayer ~ what's great is that he didn't know we were expecting yet.

So we're praying each day for our little one to grow and develop into a healthy baby that we will meet in March. We're also praying more for our marriage and for discernment to understand what God wants for us... It's an exciting adventure finding out...

In the meantime, I'm really trying to be a wife of noble character. I'm trying to be supportive for Ry, and be generous and encouraging to our friends here. Last week we had a friend stay for several days after she injured both ankles. I'm pleased to say that I made dinner most nights, kept a fairly tidy home, did the dishes each night, and hosted several people several times... Slowly but surely I'm working on being more hospitable and generous... and God is not only teaching me, but giving me the opportunity to practice!

My next step? Trying to be more encouraging with Ry ~ even though encouraging words don't come easily to me...

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