Thursday, 18 August 2011

Summer Vacation 2011

To be honest, I haven't kept updating as I rarely get onto a real computer these days and un-savy me hasn't figured out how to update from my iPhone... can it be done?

This year the Big Head (haha!) had FOUR weeks summer vacation (PTL!!) so we took off on a road trip around Korea to watch a ball game in every stadium. On July 29th we finally packed up our Kia and departed, several days late after SEVERE weather in Seoul (torrential rains, floods, mudslides, many deaths!), and headed south to Daejeon. This may have been my favourite game, as I actually got to see some!! The team is called the Eagles, and they had a kids room called the Eaglet's nest with free babysitting... score!!

After Daejeon we went farther South to Gwangju. We didn't spend to much time there, as we found the cities to be like very outdated mini Seouls. It was the smaller cities and places that we enjoyed the most... like Mokpo. One of the highlights of our trip was a night on a small island off Mokpo called Oedaldo (WAY-DOLL-DOH). It was a 9,000won (like $9) and 30minute ferry ride away. It had beaches and several "Pensions" and "minbak" which are a cross between a motel and a homestay. It also had tents for rent ($20/ night) and space for those who brought their own tent.

BUT, we didn't bring a tent, and there were no rooms or tents available. >.< And the last ferry out was shortly after our arrival... So a very kind man lent us a blanket and mosquito net, and allowed us to use a cabana (which he owned and rented out daily) for free! What an adventure!!

We were a 15foot drop away from sandy beach and ocean on one side, steps away from the main seawater swimming pool and not far from the outdoor "noraebang" (karaoke)!! Despite this, the Pumpkin Head slept 8 hours (better than expected in those conditions!) and we were safe and have quite the story to tell now! In the morning we had time to play on the beach, dig for crabs, enjoy the big (FREE) seawater swimming pools before we took the ferry out at noon.

After that we spent a night at a motel on the harbour in Mokpo, which was the perfect place to watch a fireworks display for their Maritime Culture Festival before a loooong nights sleep and hitting the road again...

*coming soon ~ more vaca stories and pics, Boseong, Tongyang, Geoje, etc...

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