Saturday, 5 June 2010

theories and love

Gosh it's been forever, and there's so much I'd like to share... but where to begin?

Well, I suppose I should start by gushing about my little boy... he IS the cutest thing in the world, and so very happy. How did we end up with the happiest kid in the world? I'm not sure at all... Ryan and I aren't that bad, but we definitely tend to ride the boarder on the happy -grumpy scale.

Liam has just gone to bed, and I'm pretty excited because I know it'll be at least 8 hours until he's up. Not only does he sleep the night, but he wakes up happy and is able to wait to eat until he's been changed and I've got us ready. Before he would be frantic, hungry, and irritable. But what has changed?? I have no idea.

I've read a bunch of books and search all the baby websites for info. I've read so many theories on parenting, and many of them conflict. Feed on demand, but make a schedule, stick to it, but be flexible, don't go off the schedule, but teach your baby to be well adjusted, nurse him often, only breastfeed, you don't need formula, feed when he's hungry, don't overfeed, comfort him when he cries, crying is good, don't mute your child, offer the breast, don't offer the breast, don't let him fall asleep nursing, create a bond.... some of these things are natural, some common sense, and some confusing...

And I think we've probably tried all of the suggestions. We've gone through a stage where I was up nursing him often, where I nursed as long as he wanted, where I limited the time at the breast, where I scheduled his feedings at 3 hours, then at 2 hours. I've given him formula after nursings or at separate feeding times to keep him full. I've tried not giving formula and only offering the breast. I've tried pumping several times through the day, pumping after feedings, pumping ten minutes on and ten off several times to increase my supply... and honestly, not one thing has worked alone.

I've co-slept, put him to bed in the same room, in a separate room, put him to sleep awake, put him to bed asleep, put him to bed partially asleep...

And after all of this, Liam is happy. He laughs and giggles all the time! He rarely fusses, and when he does it's over small easily fixed things, like needing a diaper change ~ once fixed he's calm.

I suppose my point tonight is that there are so many ideas and opinions out there, and not one works for everyone. You can test them, try new things, stick to them... but you'll never really know what's best ~ except for this: Love and prayer.

I hope to pray for my little boy and love him unconditionally each day. At this point that doesn't seem like a difficult task... haha, hopefully I'll remember this commitment when he's a teenager!! (not that I'm really worried)


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