Tuesday, 2 February 2010

36 weeks... when will it end???

Pregnancy is a roller-coaster ride of hormones and emotions.

One minute all you can think of is the miracle of life and that there is a human being growing inside of you... you can feel the kicks and hiccups, you can see a foot, knee or little bum wiggling or poking out, you can imagine holding this little creature when he comes out...

At the same time, it's terrifying... I want him out. I never want to go into labour. I've changed my mind, I'd rather adopt.

On the bright side, one of the big concerns was gestational diabetes - which my doctor yesterday confirmed I do NOT have. ^.^ Praise God for that news!! She said I was having some issues with insulin... Ugh! my brain fog has caused me to forget the exact wording. But basically knowing how to eat better to keep my blood sugar stable and then exercising more often when needed has prevented this from becoming a problem. Yay!! I did get high sugar the other night from ice cream... so I do need to remember, ice cream in the afternoon = no problem, ice cream in the evening = harder to control.

Luckily I've been in the habit of walking Cooper up into the mountain park at night and stopping in the exercise park for a while. Korea is full of these little exercise areas everywhere! In the middle of the park (or on the side of the road even!) there is sports equipment for the community to use. Mind you it's metal equipment, outdoors, in winter... but it works! Plus I can feel my tolerance building, and feel a bit more prepared for labour. A bit... >.<

This week we've also (finally) made a decision about where to deliver. With insurance still an issue (it could take a few more weeks to be active) we've decided NOT to go to the major hospital nearby. Instead we've chosen a new, small woman's hospital recommended by a friend. There are pros and cons...

The cons are:
1) it's further than the hospital (which is 5 mins away from home) and could take 10-20 mins to get there, depending on traffic.
2) while the doctor speaks English, the staff do not speak well. From our experience last night, they understood most of what I asked, and I understood most of what they answered, BUT I will need to make sure a few friends are available for emergency translating. A major issue, but compared to the pros, still worth it.

The pros:
1) Clean, quiet, new, relaxing, and well equipped rooms and atmosphere.
2) Cost, even without insurance, this place will cost a fraction of the price of the large hospital. In fact, this place is cheaper WITHOUT insurance than the hospital is WITH insurance.
3) The doctor seems more focused and caring, and there are few patients at a time.
4) After delivery care is very good. There are usually only a couple baby's at a time, max, so there is a lot of attention to each mother and each baby. Also the food is good, the rooms are all private, clean and well stocked. Each room is beautiful, with a bed, sofa large enough for a father to sleep on, TV & cable, mini fridge, breast pump, bassinet, and other furniture. The bathroom is large as well, with a better shower than we have at home, a bidet, and is very clean. They also have a sitz bath.
5) Gifts. Yes, this is a huge pro! They give gifts upon discharge... samples, clothes, blankets, etc. My friend said she received over $100 worth of gifts.
6) Photos! The hospital collaborates with a photo studio and will make a professional photo album for you. Pics included are pre-baby belly, a family portrait after delivery, 50 days and possibly 100 days. I've seen some of their photos, and they're beautiful!

So there you have it. Ry and I will be going back next week for a check-up and to meet the other delivering doctor on staff. IF there are any concerns, we can change out mind... but we're pretty sure we'll stay there.

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