Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lack of fear = faith...

God is good.

Every time this year a need has come up, finances or other means always accompany it.

Earlier in the year, the old car we'd been given finally died ~ which was a comedic night in itself. Ryan picked me up to head to the grocery store after work, once there we noticed a LARGE pool of engine oil on the ground. We followed a long trail all the way out of the parking lot, so who knows when it began. We ended up calling roadside assistance from our insurance company (and they DID speak English) and asked for a tow-truck.

While waiting, several of our friends were in the area so they came to help. Jason, a Canadian who doesn't speak Korean, came but so did Dave and Eunji, and Sudip and his wife who all speak Korean.

After some time a small, pink (which I enjoyed) car arrived with a car service man. He had brought gasoline. We tried to tell him that we didn't need gas, we needed engine oil. He checked the gas and saw it was full, and he was confused. Several Korean speakers tried to explain. We pointed at the brown liquid sea on the floor, and he came to the conclusion we needed radiator fluid. (how did this guy become a car service man!?!?)

He checked the rad. fluid and it was full. He actually scratched his head.

We all tried again to explain we were leaking engine oil. So he proceeded to finally check. He wiped the dip-stick clean, then dropped it in and pulled it out again...

At which point his eyes popped out, he turned to us and literally exclaimed, "WHOA! THERE'S NO OIL!!"

We then literally applauded. >.<

The car was sent to the wrecker the next day... and we were at a loss. We didn't NEED a car, but it was certainly a big help. That week I got an offer for a temp job that lasted a few weeks and payed well. We also began car shopping and fell in love with an LPG-run 6 seater. It cost the exact amount that the temp job paid.

God provided. God is good.

Last month Ry's school noticed that they'd been paying him at a higher pay grade than they had documentation to justify. The management and accounting people had made an error during his application process and were blaming him. Yet the school refused to take responsibility, and they demanded he pay back the money from the previous 15 months or resign. After two weeks of meetings and negotiations they finally demanded his resignation immediately, effective within the month.

Ryan's last day of work was this past Thursday. As his visa is being canceled, we are (forced) to leave the country. We're heading to Hong Kong and plan to shop for baby items ~ which is actually nice, as we weren't planning to take another trip before the baby at all!

Ryan needs a job; we need secure visas and finances; we need insurance... but I feel comforted today in knowing that God will provide, as He always does when we come to Him and rely on Him.

Recently I said to Ryan that I have this unnatural lack of fear in the midst of all of this. His response? "That's called faith."

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