Tuesday, 25 August 2009

weeks 10-13

Well... it's been an interesting few weeks.

I had been feeling pretty good, then morning sickness hit me... hard! We'd been planning a trip to Canada to visit our families. At 11 weeks we left on our trip...

We left early in the morning, and had parked our car at a friend's place, so we had to walk the short distance up the hill (mountain!) to the Hyatt Hotel to get the airport shuttle... in the pouring rain! We both ended up tired, soaked, and covered in blue ink from a pen that exploded in a bag. >.<

On the bus I held back being sick, but not long enough. Eventually (after hearing a man hoark behind me) I pulled out a trusty ziplock baggie and silently puked in the bus... within 5 minutes of the airport!

The first flight to Tokyo was uneventful as I managed to sleep through it (praise God!)!! But the 11 hour flight to Toronto was killer... I puked more times than I can count. I used up all the sick bags from 2 bathrooms and had to get the flight attendant to find more. I arrived in Toronto 2.5 kilos lighter than when I'd left Korea!!

Now we've been in Canada for nearly 2 weeks and our trip is coming to an end... my sickness is bouncing back and forth. Some days I'm fine, hungry and wanting to eat everything... other days I'm sick and can barely eat.

One of the big changes and strange things is that although I've lost a TON of weight (8+ kilos) my regular pants have stopped fitting... what a bummer! Though I've got to say that maternity pants are SO comfortable!!!! hehehehe...

I'm not looking forward to the flight back home, but we'll see how it goes.

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